Audience applauding at a business seminar, close up

seminars with
much freedom

The inspiring property of Villa Torcis is also ideal for seminars. Future-oriented ecological topics such as biodiversity, permaculture or recycling management are particularly suitable. After consultation with your host, such seminars can be enriched and deepened with practical sequences on site. Culinary topics such as healthy cuisine, Sardinian specialties, and wines are just as suitable.

Or do you deal with early things? Perhaps with the Neolithic Age and the Ozieri culture, whose countless rock tombs and caves you now want to visit?
Apart from those interested in history, creative people will also find something here. The Mediterranean landscape offers draughtsmen and watercolor artists motifs such as oleanders, myrtle bushes, macchia (evergreen bushes), and unique, impressive granite formations.
Friends of the written word will also find new inspiration and certainly enough peace.

Or you can bring your own personal exam, course and seminar content with you. At Villa Torcis there is room for almost everything – ask your host, he will be happy to assist you in planning and running your own course.